Stefan and Adi have been friends and band mates for years. Sick of the boring repetition of life in Austria, they embark on   a musical adventure through Latin America, to experience the local culture and people through music.

On an old school bus transformed into their home on wheels, we ride along with them as they meet locals, exchange songs and entertain with their colorful Latin adaptations.

Through the eyes of our maverick musicians, we are exposed to some of the hardship and injustice the people face each and every day. Inspiringly, they live their lives with such humor, beauty and joy despite it all. The Austrians’ understanding of music is challenged during the road trip. It is more than just a frivolous diversion or means of seduction. They experience how music transcends and uplifts; it is a voice, a witness, a weapon or a friend.

Music can never be dispossessed, embrace life through music.