México Adventure – Part Dos

The second part of Stefan’s whirlwind tour of Mexico was even more packed than the first. “What an amazing adventure! So much fun and music everywhere… The only disappointment was not being able to hold an official exhibition for the Zapatistas, but it was so wonderful to catch up with so many of the musicians featured on EL REY and to finally give them their copy of the film!”

You can check back on Stefan’s daily reports from the road in Mexico at EL REY’s facebook page.

“It was great to screen EL REY at the social projects Sueniños and Suekun. I was impressed by their creative adaptations of our soundtrack! :) Muchas gracias for the invitation!”

More photos here.

“What an outdoor screening at Cineteca Nacional! We had everything an organizer fears: rain at different moments, cold winds and, believe it or not, even a power cut in the middle of the movie. This is when I had to start laughing. So much disaster in one single night made me remember all the things that happened on our trip and could not be foreseen… The whole screening felt as real as the trip itself. A night to remember.”

More photos here.

“Vamonos a La Paz en Baja California! Meeting Los Huizapoles and Banda Costazul… Found another protagonist of EL REY! El Huizapol en el agua.”

“Met the second Huizapol on the road with one of his seven children.”

“Banda Costazul was crazy busy those days of carnaval. I had checked in my luggage already at the airport of la Paz when I got a message from band leader David that he could meet me a few minutes before my flight would leave to Tijuana. So I left the gate for the shortest meeting in the history of EL REY!”

“Announcing the grande finale of the EL REY Homecoming Tour in Tijuana, Mexicali and on another night in Cineteca Nacional. Always with live music and special guests!”

“Rehearsal for the show with Delfino Rodriguez!”

“GRANDE FINALE of the EL REY Homecoming Tour in Mexico. Cineteca Nacional and Live Music at Club Ruta 61. MUCHAS GRACIAS a todos! Fue FANTASTICO!!!”

“On my way home. It was so great catching up with everyone in Mexico! Hasta pronto amigas y amigos!”

Even though Stefan is now back home, EL REY is still touring Mexico! Following are all the details for the the next stops in EL REY’s journey. If you haven’t had the chance to see EL REY yet, you can watch it on the 28th of March at Cine Club Playa del Carmen! Alternatively go here to see the film online.

Upcoming events
Radio show Estudio Jueves with Delfino Rodriguez at Radio UABC

You can listen to the fun conversation that Delfino and Stefan had on the radio show Estudio Jueves. They also played live together. Don’t miss it! Stream it here and visit Estudio Jueves facebook page here.
Listen it at: 8 pm Tijuana | 9 pm D.F.

EL REY Screening at El Cine Club Playa del Carmen
Screening of EL REY film at El Cine Club. If you’re around, don’t miss it!
Facebook page EL Cine Club