México Adventure – Part Uno

The director of EL REY goes back to Mexico to show his film to the people that made it all possible. Stefan is traveling now throughout the country to meet up with the wonderful people and musicians that made his and Adi’s adventure such a fantastic experience that he just had to make a film about it!

You can find his report of the new adventures in Mexico with daily information at EL REY’s facebook page.

“First challenge in MX: getting authorization to screen EL REY on Zapatista land! I left San Cristóbal this morning and arrived in Caracol 2 this afternoon. Wondering how things are going to turn out…”

More photos here.

“Have been walking all around San Cristóbal looking for two musicians we had filmed at the cemetery on Dia de Muertos 7 years ago. I could only remember their first names: Tino and Rafa. Finally I found someone who told me the name of the street they supposedly live on. Let’s knock on some doors!”

More photos here.

“YIPPIE! Found Tino and Rafa!”
“Watching EL REY with them!”

“One of the most beautiful moments of the project. Bringing EL REY back and feeling so welcomed. I am very grateful. Gracias.”

“One musician and composer we met on our journey, who became a good friend, is Damian. Over the years we have stayed in touch and have closely followed his musical adventures with his band Sak Tzevul. After traveling all over the world with his band, it was great to finally be able to catch up with Damian at his home again!”

“Oh no, el gringo is back!” Stefan with Damian Martinez

“Family screening and lunch with familia Martinez!”

In addition to all of these reunions with the musicians and everyone that is part of the EL REY familia, EL REY film is also being screened for the public in different places in Mexico. Check out the dates here.

Stay tuned for the next adventures!