EL REY available on iTunes

A complete new version of EL REY film, with a special and exclusive approach by the director Stefan Lechner, is now available for you to rent or buy on iTunes.

It’s been a long road since EL REY film started to travel the world.
The one-year adventure of Adi and Stefan throughout Latin America has been screened and awarded in several festivals around the globe: TWIFF (San Francisco), BLIFF (Boston), Ícaro (Guatemala), Tiburon (California), In-Edit (Germany), FEST (Portugal) and Mittelamerikanisches Filmfestival (Austria). Now all of those around the globe who haven’t had the chance to watch EL REY at any of those festivals can download or rent our passionate film about travel, seeking the local culture and people through music!
From now on, EL REY is available on iTunes, in more than 30 countries across Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia. Click here to see the full list of countries.

Exclusive online version
The version of EL REY that is now available on iTunes is a completely new version, a duration of 52 minutes, with a special and exclusive approach by the director Stefan Lechner. Stefan guides us with a narration throughout the film and shows us the special details that fulfill this adventure. It’s a chance to get inside this journey and get to know how these two Austrians accomplished their audacious idea!

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Watch or rent EL REY film here.